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So far red ginsengs were subjects of ingestion. I think it’s refreshing to see that red ginsengs are used in skin care and for the stability of mind and body. It is interesting to see Cheong-Kwan-Jang to establish a day spa. What is the reason for the establishment of SPA 1899?

Cheong-Kwan-Jang established a day spa because Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) has an objective of being ‘a global total health care enterprise.’ KGC, which established a firm foothold in the production of health and functional foods using red ginsengs so far, decided to stretch its business area into spa industry as a global total health care enterprise. KGC did not limit the use of red ginsengs to ingestion but brought them into the concurrent processes of health and beauty treatments. In this time of continuously increasing of public’s demands and interest in well-being with the improvement of the quality of lives, KGC realized a spa industry as something necessary to improve the quality of customers’ lives and ‘SPA 1899’, an energy spa using its six-year old red ginsengs is established.

What is the biggest difference between SPA 1899 and other day spas?

SPA 1899 is different from other day spa in a sense that it allows you experience six-years-grown red ginseng of the premium red ginseng brand, Cheong-Kwan-Jang, in all treatments, and it is the concept of the spa.
Also, it has distinct features as follows: all rooms are designed as a private space which is not interrupted by others, and it allows you to comfortably take off your clothes and receive care. The red ginseng skin bar is equipped in each room.
Red ginseng skin bar provides a feeling to use a private dressing table and allows you to directly experience Cheong-Kwan-Jang red ginseng cosmetics.

Because SPA 1899 uses six-year old red ginsengs as the main material, I believe the prices for the treatments would be at the high end. Which program is the most effective and well worth the cost to experience the energy of red ginseng?

It is Facial Package A course. It is consisted of two-hour courses that departmentalize the purpose of care as blood circulation in body, stress reduction, facial lifting, etc. in order to deliver the energy of red ginseng according to needs of customers.

Nowadays there are many people with sensitive skin like atopic dermatitis due to the environmental pollution or stress. Are red ginseng ingredients safe for these sensitive skins? Which program is the best for these sensitive types of skin?

In the Single package of SPA 1899, there is an hour long program for improving atopic skin in adults. It is a treatment in which the immunity-boosting components of red ginseng are applied to soothe and improve the atopic skin. Furthermore, many factors threatening health such as recent radiation situation in Japan are increasing. So, SPA 1899 created immunity-boosting program, which would improve sensitive skin and be helpful to enhance immunity.

As far as I know, red ginseng ingredients are also used in head spa. What are the effects of these ingredients on the scalp health?

Saponin-active components prevent dandruff and itchiness by removing keratin and waste products from the scalp and protect weakening and thinning hair by providing the scalp concentrated nutrition. In addition, saponin components are well known to have the best antioxidant properties. They improve the blood circulation in the scalp, promote cell regeneration and relax the tension of scalp from the stress.
In contrast with ginsengs, red ginsengs have an excellent property to regulate biorhythm. In other words, when the temperature of the body is high, red ginsengs decrease it and when the body temperature is low, they increase the body temperature. Therefore, they can resolve any problems arising from the high scalp temperature.