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SPA 1899 Online Reservation

When you make a reservation online, the reservation will only be completed after you receive reservation confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. (Only between 9 AM ~ 5 PM)
If you are making reservation for more than two people, please indicate desired programs per person at the comment section. If you want to make a change on your reservation, please contact us.
(Daechi Branch: +82-2-557-8030)

Reservation Information

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Available Time

The time you can't choose is already closed.
Please make your reservation in the time available.

Reserved Information

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  • Date of Reservation
  • Please check whether you are first time or re-visiting customer.
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Customer Information

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If there is any errors while your online reservation process, please contact SPA 1899.
Daechi Branch: +82-2-557-8030, smwhere78@naver.com
Business Hour for SPA 1899 is 10 AM ~ 10 PM.